Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Published by Paula and Sharon on 2nd Mar 2023

It’s been a busy start to 2023 at Jam Attic HQ so it’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog. What better way to return than reminding everyone about Mother’s Day, after all its not that far away!

Over a coffee recently we started talking about what Mother’s Day means to us and what it stands for. Recognised as an annual tradition – with all the commercial trimmings that brings – Mother’s Day is best to remind us that we should truly celebrate those all-important Mums in our lives…. after all, and we couldn’t agree more with this…..“Mum knows best”.

In the Gregorian calendar Mothering Sunday in the UK is always the 4th Sunday in lent and has its origins as far back as the Middle Ages. Treated as the day all Christians should return to their “Mother Church” (the place of their Baptism) the day represented an important practice for the Christian Church.

In the early 1900’s (in the USA) Anna Jarvis began a campaign to establish “Mother’s Day” as a recognition of all mothers, inspiring Englishwoman Constance Penswick Smith to put a renewed focus back onto the religious significance of “Mothering Sunday” publishing a book that highlighted the significance of “Mothering” as: -

'The Church – Our Mother'

'Mothers of Earthly Homes'

'The Mother of Jesus'

'Gifts of Mother Earth'

In the present day, Mother’s Day is still the 4th Sunday in Lent and has become the day when we celebrate and show gratitude for our Mums!

We would normally tell you at this point about all the wonderful gifts your Mum could have from our very own Jam Attic website, but we think you already know that. Whatever you do on Mother’s Day, remember…Mum does know best!.


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