"I Do"......believe in a sustainable wedding plan.

"I Do"......believe in a sustainable wedding plan.

Published by Paula and Sharon on 14th Aug 2022

At Jam Attic HQ we realised that quite a few of our customers over the last few weeks have been shopping with us for wedding gifts. It got us thinking about some of the glorious summer weddings that must be taking place at the moment and who wouldn't want a summer wedding!.

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Like most things we spend our time doing, there are always eco-friendly alternatives to consider. Here are some Jam Attic ideas on sustainable options for your big day.

1. Eco-friendly invitations

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Our hugely popular seed paper gift vouchers have proved to us how well liked biodegradable paper products are becoming. Sending your guests seed paper invitations gives them something they can plant in soil, grow and remember your big day by. Many wedding planners and vendors will be able to offer you eco-friendly options like this and we've even come across companies supplying wedding invites in recycled fabrics, leather and even wood!. 

2. Sustainable Gifts

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Whatever you've chosen as inspiration for your friends and loved ones, to help them buy that most thoughtful of gifts - show how much you take your environmental mission seriously and only go for green gifts. If you have a particular special charity that is close to your heart, one with a focus on environmental sustainability, why not ask your guests to make a donation.  

3. Green Venue.

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You wont need to look far these days to source a wedding venue that markets their green credentials. Whether its a focus on 'no plastic', energy saving measures or for the ultimate in getting back to nature, an outdoor wedding. A National Park Venue would be a great choice for a wedding day, not only would you have perfectly natural, beautiful surroundings but you would also be supporting funding for these all important places. 

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