28th July 2022 – Today, is Earth Overshoot Day.

28th July 2022 – Today, is Earth Overshoot Day.

Published by Paula and Sharon on 28th Jul 2022

With our focus on sustainability and the more general responsibility we should all feel towards the environment, here at Jam Attic HQ we couldn’t let today pass without highlighting to you all that we are at 'Earth Overshoot Day' for 2022.

But what is it you ask?

Simply put, planet Earth thrives in part because of the natural environments ability to regenerate its biological resources. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity's demand for ecological resources and services within a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate, in that year.

To describe it in a slightly more scientific way for all you boffins out there, we can use the formula: -

(Earth’s Biocapacity / Humanity’s Ecological Footprint) x 365 = Earth Overshoot Day

Global Footprint Network is a research organization that provides data to global decision-makers to help demonstrate the importance of making the human economy operate within Earth’s ecological limits. The alarming reality is that we are consuming natural resources faster than the planet can regenerate them which if left unaddressed, means the ecological debt our economies create will one day be called in. The ‘Ecological Footprint’ is now a universally recognised measurement of sustainability and the focus on providing comprehensive and reliable footprint data is at the core of the work done by Global Footprint Network.

We should all make an effort to think about how we can live more sustainable lives and focus on our responsibilities to the environment. Start with a few small things and lets all do our part. 

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