Fire Bowl Rein Premium 60 (clean Burning)

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Fire Bowl Rein Premium 60 (clean Burning)

This fire pan is a fire pit on legs instead of a stand. It has the same quality and can be used all year round.

The Fire pan is easy to transport and takes up little Clean-burning space. It also has a wide range of accessories.

You can take your Fire pan to your favourite beach, to the cabin, over to the neighbour's house, or to a scenic viewpoint.
Use it for grilling, for warmth, for atmosphere, or for making coffee. There are also plenty of good options for outdoor cooking with a Fire pan, whether you just want to grill hot dogs, or you prefer to step up and prepare delicious meals for your guests.

- Weight - 17.5

- Height - 47.5cm

- Diameter - 60cm

Fire safety

It is essential to extinguish the fire properly. Let the fire burn out and cool down. Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished and safe before you leave the fire pit. Place any ashes into an ash bucket. Place a fire pit lid on top afterwards to protect the drum. Clean the grill with soap and water.

• Practical and easy to move

• Cosy campfire feel

flexibility and safety. A Fire pan is elegant and is almost like having a campfire on the ground. If you're looking for a cosy campfire feel, this is the product for you.


Build a good fire! Dry, thinly cut firewood will provide good heat and little smoke.

Birch wood burns slowly and steadily and is perfect for a campfire. Spruce and aspen tend to create more sparks.

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